How We've Helped

Market Research is vital in Healthcare. In fact, it can be used to save lives. From understanding patient needs and satisfaction to discovering ways to engage and empower your employees, market research provides the intelligence you need to ensure you are getting the most from your employees and in turn providing the highest level of service and care. 

When it comes to insurance, TDC has got your market research needs covered. Test advertising concepts, determine plan member satisfaction, understand your competition, and know your brand’s equity. 

We’ve even helped with medical product testing, consumer need assessment, and demand feasibility studies. 

Recent healthcare industry related market research projects include:

  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Advertising concept tests
  • Brand awareness/brand equity studies
  • New medical product concept assessment
  • Brand awareness and attitudes towards medical supply/equipment brands
  • Qualitative research with health science/bio-pharmaceutical executives
  • Evaluation of patient/plan member communications programs
  • Consumer attitudes & usage studies on OTC and Rx products
  • Covid-19 vaccination information sources and intentions

who We've Helped

Representative clients in the healthcare industry encompass a range of medical product manufacturers, healthcare providers, consulting firms, insurers, and brands.

Market Research Healthcare Industry Clients

How Can We Help You?

If you are in the healthcare industry and want to know more about how market research can benefit you, complete our contact form, and one of our expert Client Strategists will contact you. On that discovery call, we will gather the information necessary for The Decision Co. to provide a strategy forward and a ballpark cost to achieve your goals and give you intelligence for action.