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The marketing research needs in the manufacturing sector are plenty. From validation of market size, projection of future market size to knowing when and how to launch a new product or enter a new market. It is necessary to understand changes that impact your industry and you need to have the ability to track trends over time. The life cycle of B2B sales is often long and remaining top-of-mind and relevant throughout your buyer’s journey is of extreme importance. Market research from The Decision Co. can help you identify the marketing messages and methods that will keep you front and center. 

The Decision Co. can help your company find areas of growth and expose areas of weakness,  gauge the satisfaction of employees and customers, and find a path forward for sustainability and growth.  

 Our market research projects include:

  • Market assessment
  • New product concept assessment
  • Brand awareness/brand equity studies
  • Advertising concept tests
  • Consumer satisfaction studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies

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