Intelligence for Action

The best decisions hinge on superior information. Market Research from The Decision Co. replaces doubt with clarity so you have intelligence for action.

Market Research Moves the Needle by Moving Your Audiences

Every organization has multiple stakeholders, or audiences, each impacting your mission and bottom line. The more you know about them, the more effective you can be. Assumption and “gut instincts” are important, but not the best tools for decision making. What do you need to know about your audiences that is currently holding you back?

Getting Answers for Action

Using survey research and predictive analytics, we will get you clearer insight into what’s driving your audiences and how to build stronger relationships with them and outcomes/profitability for you. From HR to Marketing to Sales to Investors, The Decision Co. arms you with answers for action.

Determine Audience

Clarify Answers Needed

Field Custom Survey

Generate Interactive Reports

Provide Strategy Forward

Remain Available

The Decision Co. Research Services

We combine survey research, predictive analytics, communication strategy, and strategic business consulting into a customized service offering that empowers you to make better decisions.

Multi-Audience Research Packages

Improve visibility into every stakeholder group that impacts your organization.
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Position for successfully to enter a new market or launch a new product/service..

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Customer/Member Engagement Research

Learn what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities are being missed.

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Custom Employee Satisfaction Studies

Grow the return on your biggest investment - your team - by listening deeper.

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Predictive Analytics & Data Modeling

Get visibility at the granular, individual level by leveraging data science.

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Strategic Consulting & Communication Design

Leverage your new audience knowledge with a clear plan of action.

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Client Testimonials

Articles & Case Studies

Better decisions start with better information. Get your learning on by reading excellent insights from our team and case studies that show how other organizations have benefitted from letting The Decision Co. get them intelligence for action.

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