Stacy is a self-motivated, accomplished, creative marketing professional with broad marketing experience encompassing strategic planning, event planning, interactive marketing, creative development, database/direct marketing, sales promotion, and brand strategy.

She has the ability and skill set to provide creative, innovative, and forward-thinking internal and external marketing.

Who is someone you admire?
My father. He has the ability to see the absolute best in people and to love and accept without judgment.

What is your most significant accomplishment as a professional?
With the onset of COVID, I turned an in-person continuing education event into a virtual one and tripled the attendance with virtual attendees from 48 states and 33 countries.

What do you like most about working at TDC?
Working with an amazingly talented group of people is what I like most. Each and every day, they are helping companies and organizations reach their potential. It’s my job to tell the world about our incredible team and the invaluable work they do. What could be better?

Do you have any skills or talents that people don’t know about?
I twirl the baton. There are photos of me with a baton in my hand at the age of 3. I’ve always loved it and I twirled in high school and college. Every now and again, I’ll get my batons out and twirl in the backyard and I’m proud to admit that I still remember some of my high school routines.