Case Study: Innovators Partner with The Decision Co. to Determine Market Demand for their New Invention

Do Not Proceed Blindly

The innovative team at Power Transformations who’d created a new product, wanted to break into the home automation market. With multiple players and platforms, each with varying degrees of compatibility, the market was ripe for disruption by a comprehensive solution–like the group’s invention. Instead of blindly entering the market, Power Transformations wanted to know the level of demand for their product, what language to use when marketing their creation, and any barriers that exist to entering the market.

So they partnered with The Decision Co. to get the information they need: demand for an integrated home automation solution among contractors, developers, and homebuilders; the most likely adopters; the most effective messaging and channels; important aspects of the product; and price point.

The Right Research Points You in the Right Direction

The research showed that there is overwhelming demand for the product, particularly among residential and commercial developers, especially those in the Midwest and Northeast who meet a certain revenue threshold. It also identified a starting price point, the most impactful messaging, and what channels to use.
By entrusting TDC with the research, the organization can now move forward with confidence that their product is a winner. Now TDC is a trusted ongoing partner tasked with providing the insights needed to create intelligence for marketing action.
“We knew our innovation would be transformative if the market was willing to try it. Thanks to The Decision Co., we know they’re not only willing, but eager, to try it. This is exactly what the market needs.”
– Beau Martin, Power Transformations President