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Case Study: The Decision Co. Data Helps Business Understand COVID-19 Impacts

After the COVID-19 crisis hit, Pace-O-Matic turned to The Decision Co. to help them understand the impacts of the pandemic and business restrictions on their customer base. Pace-O-Matic manufactures skill games machines and their customers are primarily small businesses like bars and restaurants, convenience stores, and clubs like the American Legion.

Data Provides Insight that Leads to Understanding

The Decision Co. conducted custom-designed online surveys with email lists provided by the client and obtained sufficient sample sizes to draw conclusions about the customer base in three states. The survey instrument design included both qualitative and quantitative components. The qualitative data provided additional color and anecdotal information about the devastating impact of COVID-19 on these small businesses.

The data and analysis provided by TDC served a dual purpose:
  1. Provide Pace-O-Matic with insight and understanding of the impacts of business restrictions on their customers
  2. Serve as an advocacy tool with state legislatures to demonstrate that skill games machines are a lifeline for these businesses

Persuasive Tools that Lead to Change

TDC’s data and concise key findings memos armed Pace-O-Matic with the persuasive tools they needed to continue to show legislators that the revenue from skill games machines is playing a critical role in keeping small businesses like restaurants and bars open during the pandemic. Quotes from business owners like the following illustrate the devastating alternative without skill games machines:

 “If COVID continues and the skill games machines are pulled, I will more than likely close. Revenue from the games is keeping me afloat.”

In a separate project, TDC conducted a statewide survey of likely voters in Virginia. Last year, the Virginia legislature passed an agreement to allow skill games to continue to operate for one year with most of the proceeds going to the COVID-19 relief fund or back to local municipalities. TDC’s data and insightful analysis clearly demonstrated that voters support a continuation of the current arrangement and see the benefit of the nearly $50M already contributed to the COVID-19 relief fund.
“We know we can count on The Decision Co. to provide us with the data we need, when we need it. They are a trusted partner in both our legislative advocacy and customer satisfaction efforts.”
– Michael Barley, Director, Government Affairs & Public Relations, Pace-O-Matic

Want to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on your business? TDC can help with customized market research.