Customer Loyalty

Case Study: Beer Distributor Refines Approach using The Decision Co. Data and Insights.

When Pennsylvania’s arcane liquor laws received an update allowing for the sale of beer and wine at grocery stores and convenience stores, a beer distributor in business since 1991 needed to understand how to update and adjust their approach to respond to this change in the market.

Data Provides Insight that Leads to Clear Understanding of Customers and Competition

The Decision Co. conducted a consumer survey of 200 beer consumers in the surrounding community of this beer distributor. TDC’s insightful analysis gave the company a clear understanding of their customers’ purchasing habits, and the new challenges presented by competition from grocery stores. For example, single women and those motivated more by convenience would now be more likely to make their beer purchases at the grocery store. 

TDC Analysis Provided a Path to Maintain Customer Loyalty

The Decision Co’.s analysis demonstrated to the company that they had a set of strengths to play to in order to maintain customer loyalty. Their customers were more focused on competitive pricing, product selection, and the knowledge of the staff. In other words, they would be willing to make a separate trip to get unique specialty beers from a knowledgeable, helpful staff.

Instructive Data Leads to Success

Armed with instructive data, the company has continued to be a successful business, and is one of the largest beer distributors in the suburban Philadelphia region with a storefront of 7,200 square feet and selling more than 200 brands of beer.

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