Case Study: Business Council of Alabama Enlists TDC to Measure Member Satisfaction

A Better Understanding

The Business Council of Alabama wanted to quantify satisfaction among its members and find out how they could better serve the state’s business community. They needed to find out which aspects and services of the organization are most important to members.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (which was raging at the time of the survey), effective outreach was more important than ever for two reasons: BCA was heavily involved in reopening the state’s economy and member organizations were struggling. To that end, they partnered with The Decision Co. to conduct a custom member satisfaction survey

Data-Based Insights

TDC interviewed 263 members via an online survey platform. In addition to meeting the main goal of identifying the aspects and services of the organization that are most important to members, The Decision Co. determined the council’s net promoter score, their most loyal member “type”, the industries of those most likely to be members, and how to increase member donations.

Clear Path Forward

Thanks to Cygnal’s research, BCA gained detailed, meaningful data that gave them a clear path forward in an unprecedented global crisis.

“We’ve been able to rely on past precedent for so many issues, but when COVID hit we knew we needed accurate, up-to-date data. Thanks to The Decision Co., we now know what’s really important to our members and can serve them better than ever when they need it more than ever.”

-Katie Boyd Britt, Business Council of Alabama CEO & President

TDC provides invaluable insight into your members through accurate data giving you the foundation to guide your strategy forward.

Want Invaluable Insights?

Want Accurate Data?

Want the foundation to guide your strategy?

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how a Custom Member Research Project from The Decision Co. will give you the data, analysis, and insights you need to understand your members and help to serve them better.

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