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Case Study: ACRE Gains Invaluable Insight with TDC Survey

A Better Understanding

The Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) provides national thought leadership and relevant resources in the areas of research, education, and networking that enhance Alabama’s real estate industry. ACRE wanted to better understand consumer opinion in the River Region and how it’s driving home and property decisions.

Accurate Information

They needed to be sure they had accurate information in order to present the findings to their stakeholders at the annual River Region Real Estate & Economic Trends Forum. To that end, they partnered with The Decision Co. to survey area residents about their home/property-buying habits and plans. TDC interviewed 445 River Region residents using their award-winning multimode methodology.

Invaluable Insights

The research provided invaluable insight into the local real estate market, including how many people were planning to purchase a home within the next year and what percentage of them planned to buy in market vs. out of market. It also indicated which areas within the region are likely to grow and which are likely to shrink. Lastly, the survey provided critical data on how the COVID-19 pandemic could continue to affect the River Region real estate market over the following few years.

Guided Strategy Forward

By entrusting TDC with the research, ACRE solidified its position as THE resource for real estate in the River Region. Stakeholders, including community leaders, will have the information they need to guide strategy and invest capital as efficiently as possible.

“TDC was easy to work with and gave us valuable, actionable insight,” said Grayson Glaze, Executive Director of ACRE, “I can’t recommend The Decision Co. highly enough.”

TDC provides invaluable insight into your consumers through accurate data giving you the foundation to guide your strategy forward.

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