Case Study: Local Charitable Organization Works with The Decision Co. on Donor Satisfaction

A well-known homeless shelter and addiction recovery organization wanted to determine if/how they could raise more money in order to serve more clients and do even more good in the community. They needed to find out which aspects and services of our organization are most important to donors. With the addition of the coronavirus pandemic, effective outreach was more important than ever for two reasons: more people needed their services and fewer people were able to donate. To that end, they partnered with The Decision Co. to conduct a custom donor satisfaction survey.

The Decision Co. interviewed 1,095 donors using their award-winning multimode methodology. TDC was able to identify: the organization’s “typical” donor; which groups of donors are promoters/advocates and which are passives; whether donors are aware of all the services they offer; which aspects of their branding, mission, and services are most and least important to donors; what other services donors would like to see offered; and how often and via which mediums donors would like to receive communication.

By entrusting TDC with the research, the organization was given detailed, meaningful insight on the data that gave them a clear path forward in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis.
“TDC gave us the tools we needed to help even more people in our community. Now we know which programs our donors need to hear more about and we’re hopeful donations will remain steady despite the pandemic.”
– Organization Executive Director
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