Case Study: Car Dealership’s Service Department Engages The Decision Co. to Study Customer Satisfaction

Finding the Best Route

Jack Ingram Nissan’s service department wanted to understand their customers at a more granular level in order to inform management and marketing decision-making, determine best methods for retaining current customers and attracting new ones, and identify why former customers left and how to bring them back.

Accurate Information is Key

The service department needed to be sure they had accurate information in order to increase customer satisfaction and raise revenue. To that end, they partnered with The Decision Co. to conduct two customer satisfaction surveys—one of current customers and one of former customers. TDC interviewed 597 current and former customers using their award-winning multimode methodology.
The research identified the aspects of the business customers were most and least satisfied with and who their best customers are. Importantly, TDC identified that many former customers no longer come in because they no longer have a Nissan, not because they were unhappy with their service. The research also found low-cost add-on services that would greatly increase customer satisfaction.

Fuel for an Effective Strategy

By entrusting The Decision Co. with the research, the company was able to gather accurate information that helped them craft an effective service and marketing strategy.
“By trusting The Decision Co. with this research, we were able to gather verified, unbiased results. Now we know who our best customers are, what keeps them coming back, and what we can do to improve our organization.”
– Jack Ingram, Dealership Owner