Case Study: Private School Trusts The Decision Co. to Provide Insight on Potential School Parents

A private school located in a major southern city has maintained enrollment at just under 1,000 students for the past five years. But with the rapid change in the city’s demographics and more competition, it became even more imperative that the school wholly serve its current families and broaden its outreach to recruit new students from different areas in and around the city. To do that, they needed to assess what aspects of the school kept current parents enrolling their children year-after-year as well as what features could bring in new students—that’s where The Decision Co. came in.

Well Crafted, In-Depth Surveys

The Decision Co. crafted an in-depth survey instrument and interviewed more than 700 area parents, almost 500 of whom were parents of current students. We sought to determine: what factors motivate area parents when choosing a school for their children; what is the importance of each factor; what types of schools area parents are currently considering; and what complaints do current students’ parents have, if any.

Detailed and Meaningful Insights

By entrusting TDC with their research, the school received detailed, meaningful insight on what groups of parents are most likely to be open to sending their children to the school, what programs matter most to current and potential students’ parents, and what motivates them when choosing a school for their children.

TDC is now a trusted partner for the school, involved in ongoing outreach planning in order to increase enrollment and better serve the city’s children.
“The Decision Co. gave us the insight we needed to help even more students realize their full potential through a quality education. We continue to work with them to find area children who could benefit from the holistic approach of our school.”
Head of School