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Case Study: Professional Services Firm Gains Clarity on Customer Behavior with The Decision Co. CSS

The Problem

A regional professional services firm needed to better understand customer behavior, know how they were viewed by their customers, and where they could expand their offerings. They wanted a professional survey complete with in-depth analysis that could be benchmarked year-after-year. On top of that, customer anonymity was crucial. 

The Method

After garnering a representative number of respondents, The Decision Co. delivered a detailed analysis to the company that provided not just a broad overview, but also key insights and recommendations. By entrusting The Decision Co. with their customer satisfaction survey, the company received detailed analysis on the data and meaningful insight without having to “bother” customers.

The Results

Thanks to the survey results, the firm now knows the following:

  • what types of customers are most-loyal
  • why their customers choose to do business with them
  • where they are wowing customers
  • where they could use improvement
  • how—and how often—customers want to be contacted
  • proper messaging to each customer segment to increase wallet share
  • what unmet needs customers have

The survey also uncovered revenue opportunities within their existing customer base … extremely powerful in any climate (especially during COVID).

With this information, the firm has decided to partner with The Decision Co. for a second survey—a market research survey, informed by the results of the customer satisfaction survey, that will allow the firm to increase their share of the market in their existing markets and position themselves for expansion to new markets.

“I don’t usually give compliments but I was absolutely blown away by the insights The Decision Co. provided on our customer satisfaction survey! I will not have any trouble getting buy-in and data for future projects with The Decision Co.” 

  • Organization Executive
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