Case Study: Energy Company Connects with Community Using TDC Data and Analysis

PictCommunity with single family homes

Before embarking on an industrial turnaround, a fully integrated refinery and chemical plant in Texas needed to check the temperature of the surrounding community on their operations. Once the turnaround was in progress, they wanted to check back in to see how community members were feeling about the company and find out how to continue […]

Case Study: The Decision Co. Data Helps Business Understand COVID-19 Impacts

Image of COVID-19 virus for market research case study on understanding COVID-19 impacts

After the COVID-19 crisis hit, Pace-O-Matic turned to The Decision Co. to help them understand the impacts of the pandemic and business restrictions on their customer base. Pace-O-Matic manufactures skill games machines and their customers are primarily small businesses like bars and restaurants, convenience stores, and clubs like the American Legion. Data Provides Insight that […]

Case Study: Innovators Partner with The Decision Co. to Determine Market Demand for their New Invention

Do Not Proceed Blindly The innovative team at Power Transformations who’d created a new product, wanted to break into the home automation market. With multiple players and platforms, each with varying degrees of compatibility, the market was ripe for disruption by a comprehensive solution–like the group’s invention. Instead of blindly entering the market, Power Transformations wanted […]

Case Study: The Decision Co. Data Demonstrates Bipartisan Support for Legalization of Cannabis

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC) needed data to persuade Republican legislators in the state to support the legalization of cannabis. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the state was facing a large budget deficit, and legislation to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis could help put the state’s fiscal situation back on track. Results that Reinforce Your Arguments […]

Case Study: Education Coalition Trusts The Decision Co. to Provide the Data Needed to Inform the Public

EdChoice Kentucky’s, a statewide coalition focused on informing residents on school-choice programs saw an opportunity to further expand educational options in their state. To that end, the coalition needed trustworthy and affordable custom research that proved educational choice is still popular, particularly among rural voters. They also wanted to see how attitudes around education and […]

Case Study: State Agency Fully Understands Stakeholders with The Decision Co. Research

“The Decision Co. empowered us to better understand the true feelings of our stakeholders, their motivations, and how best to engage them. With anonymous data collection, The Decision Co.’s analysis, and clear recommendations, we’re improving customer service, communicating with our clients clearly, and more effectively serving the State of Alabama.” – Jim Purcell, Acting Secretary, […]

What’s Missing in Your Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Payroll is (probably) your biggest expense. Employees that aren’t engaged cost US businesses over $500 billion a year, according to a recent Gallup report. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that the best way to measure employee engagement is through an independent employee satisfaction survey. Though not all surveys are created equal. Whether […]